I det här avsnittet funderar Gregory Pellechi på hur framtiden ser ut för invandrare i Finland som integreras på svenska i och med den kommande landskapsreformen. Hur kommer det att påverka den svenskspråkiga servicen?

Andra utmaningar är den åtstramande ekonomin, minskat stöd för arbetssökande och myndigheter som inte är förberedda på de förändringar som samhället står inför.

Hur ser framtiden i övrigt ut?

The Duck Pond Episode 9

On the latest episode of the Duck Pond, Gregory Pellechi doesn’t attempt to divine the future but he does talk to those who have an idea of what it may hold for Finland’s immigrants.

Finland, as mentioned in previous posts and podcasts episodes is set to change. Not just because of immigrants, but the benefits allotted to the unemployed. In their continual attempts to stimulate growth, job creation and thus tax revenue the current government has decided to cut unemployments in terms of time and money.

Those aren’t the only changes immigrants are facing. Professions both advanced and menial are being disrupted through a combination of technology and globalization. Yet TE-byrå and many other government structures are not prepared for such changes. Just the other week appeared another account of how ill-prepared the unemployment service is for the growing gig economy. Which is the very same agency that immigrants deal with more than any other.

If the government isn’t able to serve the general populace in a reasonable and realistic manner then what hope do minorities like immigrants have. That’s not to say the social workers at TE-byrå are poor service providers, they’re doing the best they can within the limits of the system. It’s the system that’s limited though, to old methodologies that aren’t reflective of our modern realities.

The future isn’t dire though. It’s merely unknown. With today’s changes and there are a lot with more to come it can be hard to know what to do. And humans are notoriously bad at planning for their future. Immigrants like everyone else just need to take into account the changes occurring around them when planning their futures. Any knowledge will only aid their integration and agency in doing so.

This episode included Corinna Tammenmaa, Ida Schaumann, Katri Saarikivi, Farid Karimi and Pia Polsa.


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